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I was born on July sunday in 1981 at ca 11:35 AM as a third child to parents of four. My childhood was spent mostly romping in the groungs and surroundings of Muuraja manor of Outokumpu in Finland. In the age of six I ended up accompanying my big sister in a elementary school disco and the rest was mere downhill.


Six years later I performed my first dance solo in the streetcrossing of Kummunkatu and Koulukatu in Outokumpu. Dance and theatre begun to consume more of my time and so football, wresling and playing in a band were left for a decade. After graduating from dance orientated upper secondary school of Kuopion Musiikkilukio I moved over to study dance in fulltime basis in the Theater Academy of Finland, from which graduated as a BA in dance in 2004 or 5.

at the moment

Since year 2004 I have feed myself as a freelance dancer and circusartist working in various productions of dance, theatre, circus and opera mainly in the metropolitan area of Helsinki. In the freetime I prefer going astray, playing music, runing after a ball and wondering.


The plan is to retire quickly, learn to surf and to do a even quicker comeback to stages of dramatic art.


name ~ Sakari (zacu) Saikkonen
born ~ 1981
height ~ almost 170cm
weight ~ over 60kg
eyes ~ blue
hair ~ blonde
martial status ~ unmarried
shoe size ~ 40-42
motto ~ "it's alright, at least I'm quite an animal"